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We support lawful hunters. We understand the expense, time and pride you take in your score. We will do everything we can to preserve your lawful right to hunt, and importantly, to ensure your trophy isn’t forfeited to the Crown.

Wildlife offences in Alberta encompass a range of illegal activities related to the province’s diverse natural environment. These offences can have serious legal consequences and are subject to regulation under various provincial and federal laws. Some common wildlife offences in Alberta include:

Poaching: The illegal hunting, trapping, or fishing of wildlife, often for the purpose of selling or trading animal parts.

Hunting violations: Breaking regulations regarding hunting seasons, bag limits, or the use of prohibited hunting methods or equipment.

Endangered species protection: Violations related to the protection of endangered or at-risk species, including harassment, disturbance, or harm to these animals.

Illegal harvesting: Unauthorized collection of plants, animals, or their products from protected areas, such as national parks or wildlife reserves.

Wildlife trafficking: Illegally trading or transporting wildlife or their parts, including endangered species, often for profit.

Offenders can face significant fines, hunting license suspension, forfeitures of trophies and/or weapons, and other legal consequences for violating these laws and regulations.

Have you been charged with a wildlife offence in Alberta? Don’t hastily plead guilty before contacting RG Defence. Our team of committed lawyers believe that the best defence is a good defence. No matter the type of wildlife offence you have been charged with, our wildlife defence lawyers in Edmonton will use their extensive legal knowledge and their experience dealing with Alberta Crown Prosecutors to obtain the best possible outcome in your case.

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