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There have recently been changes to the way impaired driving is investigated and charged in Alberta. Now, the majority of persons accused of drunk driving will be subject to a provincial administrative penalty (sometimes referred to as a Notice of Administrative Penalty).

While provincial penalties will not result in a criminal record, accepting guilt and paying the associated fines will land you with a driving record that carries with it significant repercussions; both with respect to insurance costs and future matters.

The timeline in which to request a review (appeal) of your administrative penalty is extremely brief. Your notice of appeal must be filed within seven days, with very few and rare exception (usually for medical reasons).

These administrative offences are challenged by way of written submissions, meaning you will not need to attend court. We handle all aspects of the review and put your mind at ease.

If you have received an administrative penalty contact us immediately. Don’t wait.

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You have seven days to file an appeal. If you have received an administrative penalty, contact our team of Edmonton criminal defence lawyers immediately. Don’t wait.

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