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Sexual Assault Lawyer Edmonton | RG Defence Law FirmA conviction for sexual assault can have long-term consequences that haunt you for the rest of your life. The stigma around the case can follow you for years after it ends. If you’ve been accused of sexual assault, it’s crucial to hire a strong and experienced legal team to defend you against the allegations, secure your freedom and protect your reputation.

At RG Defence, our experienced sexual assault lawyer is up-to-date with all developments in sexual assault laws and will work in your best interests to defend you against these serious and complicated allegations.

Do not let the stigma associated with this type of allegation defeat you. Most importantly, call us before you make a statement to the police.

Tyler Raymond is our experienced Sexual Assault defence lawyer and will assist you in all aspects of your defence. We will give you peace of mind and handle the complex legal aspects of your defence.

What Is Sexual Assault?

Sexual assault is an act in which a party intentionally forces, coerces or tricks another party into engaging in non-consensual sexual activities. Examples of sexual assault acts may include:

  • Kissing, fondling or unwanted touching or contact
  • Rape
  • Child sexual abuse

Types of Sexual Assault

The law determines whether an act was sexual by reviewing the circumstances under which it happened. These circumstances may include the nature of the physical act, the involvement of weapons and the words accompanying the act. We often deal with three different types of sexual assault, including:

  1. Sexual Assault: The accused commits a sexual act, which harms the sexual integrity of the complainant. This includes traditional notions of ‘rape’ and can include any unwanted physical contact for a sexual purpose, from brief touching to complete intercourse. A sexual assault conviction often results in a jail period of three or more years and registration as a sexual offender for at least 10yrs. There is often a strong defence to these charges, which often proceed to a lengthy multi-day trial.
  2. Sexual Interference: This is what is commonly known as ‘statutory rape’, which involves touching a person below the age of consent, which in Canada is currently 16yrs old (with some complicated exceptions). This offence differs from regular sexual assault in that the victim cannot lawfully consent because of their age, even if they wanted the sexual act to occur.
  3. Sexual Exploitation: This type of sexual offence involves sexual activity with someone who is over the age of consent but under the age of 18yrs old, and arises when someone in a position of ‘trust’ or ‘authority’ uses their position to exploit the young person for sex. This is a complex charge and there are many factors considered in these trials.

How Can a Lawyer Help You?

Acquiring the services of an experienced sexual assault lawyer can increase your chances of a favourable outcome. A lawyer will help you in numerous ways, such as:

1. Explaining Charges and Penalties

Most people are not well versed in the terms used in a criminal court, and some do not entirely understand what they are charged with. Hiring an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defence lawyer saves significant time and reduces misunderstandings of the law. They will review your case and explain the charges and penalties to you in full.

2. Defending You

A criminal defence lawyer is morally bound to defend you, and only you. Whether you are guilty or not, a defence lawyer represents your best interests in court and will aspire to get you the most favourable outcome.

3. Protecting Your Rights

The prosecution and police may trick you into admitting guilt or saying something that compromises your case. Criminal defence lawyers advise you on how and when to speak to the police to avoid making your situation worse. They may train you on how to answer questions and ensure that your rights are protected every step of the way.

Are You Looking for a Sexual Assault Lawyer in Edmonton?

If you’re facing sexual assault charges, you need an expert sexual assault lawyer to help you navigate the challenging legal landscape around sexual offences. At RG Defence – Criminal Defence Lawyers, our experienced and professional Edmonton criminal defence lawyers will ensure you get the best defence for your case.

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